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Venue Hunter was created by Alexandra Jongens (chief hunter) for three reasons:

  1. To make it easier for people to find alternative venues. It’s difficult & time consuming to find different and unique spaces.
  2. To make it easy and efficient for business and property owners to list, manage & promote their venues.
  3. To find and activate dormant private and public spaces. There are many spaces that are not being used that need a little love & attention to make them comfortable, inspiring places for people.

What do we mean by alternative venues? Spaces that are hidden or under-utilised; not mainstream as well as spaces that aren’t yet being used as venues.

Alexandra’s academic and professional background in landscape architecture, urban development and urban safety set the Venue Hunter dream in motion by being inspired and seeing value in different spaces throughout the city. A passion project activating laneways proved that people love being exposed to new spaces.

Note: Venue Hunter includes public spaces purely to expose these spaces to people because we love public space. Venue Hunter does not and cannot gain any income on these spaces. In addition, public spaces can’t be booked through Venue Hunter. If you want to host an event (of 50 people or more) in a public space you need to apply for an events permit through the City within which they are situated or via the management entity.


The vision for Venue Hunter is to have a diverse team of like-minded venue hunters reaching venues throughout South African cities and the spaces in between.

To have a wide selection of private and public venues covering a spectrum of venue types and prices making it possible for anyone to host an occasion in a beautiful venue.

To work in partnership with schools and non-government organisations (NGO’s) co-investing in creating venues within their properties which can be used after hours to generate income for their institutions. Many schools & NGO’s are situated within beautiful buildings / properties which need a little investment / re-design to make them comfortable venues.


Venue Hunter has been established on three core values:

1. Respect: Respect for people and people’s property. Treat others and their property as you would like to be treated. We don’t tolerate disrespect or prejudice of any kind.

2. Integrity: Honesty and transparency are key to providing quality venues which truthfully reflect what a venue looks like; what they offer as well as their price.

3. Community: Enabling venues to connect with surrounding service providers. Wherever possible venues are encouraged to work with services near by stimulating neighbourhood economic growth. We also encourage venues to be aware of their neighbours when deciding on what they offer ensuring harmony between neighbours.